EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) is mandatory for all operators engaged in intra-Community goods under suspension of excise duties. This system involves the computerization of monitoring movements of excise goods (alcohol and energy products) moving under suspension of duties within the European Union and therefore based on the outsourcing of Electronics Administrative Document.

We inform you that gram mol has implemented this system of paperless securities exchange movements for national as well as Europeans  level in accordance with custom authorities. The details can be found at:


Regarding the energy products we inform you that it is necessary to obtain various types of permits depending on your location within the European Union. You are therefore required to obtain authorization to be delivered; this authorization will be issued by appropriate customs office in your country.
In order not to delay shipment of your products at a subsequent order of energy products (mineral oils, petroleum products) we suggest you sending us the corresponding authorization number along with  your order.

For more information please contact our customer service.