Certificate of Analysis

The certificate of analysis for each batch, if required, may be shipped with the product. All certificates of analysis can be downloaded from our website, quoting the product number and the batch number indicated on the product label.

In the certificate of analysis are indicated:

Product name and quality grade.

GRAM MOL identification code of the product and of the product cutting;

Batch number, that allows the traceability of all data relating to production, testing and packaging;

Method Product Number, that identifies the method of analysis that verifies the suitability of the product;

Product specifications, indicating the tolerance limits;

Analytical results, with the indication of the true value for the most important essays;

Date of the analysis approval;

Materials used in the analysis (if required in the analytical method);

Expiring date of the batch

The values shown in the certificate of analysis were obtained using the most advanced analytical techniques, referring to international methods and using the best standards in all operations of instrumentation calibration.


GRAM MOL indicates an expiring date for all catalogue products. The expiring date is always printed on the label, reporting month and year.
These instructions are valid for products kept in sealed packages and properly stored as recommended in the MSDS. After opening, we recommend a quick use of the product, according to the expiring date. The product is guaranteed only if the packages are sealed.

Our company does not deliver products with less than 6 months of remaining validity for products whose deadline exceeding 1 year. Likewise, our company does not deliver products with less than three months of remaining validity for products whose deadline is less than or equal to 1 year.