Ethical code

The company recognizes the importance of ethical and social responsibility in business  activities, and it is committed to respecting the legitimate interests of the shareholders, directors, employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

The company commits to:

Maintaining coherence with the policies adopted in terms of fairness, transparency, trust and cooperation in the conduct of business;

Maintaining an active role in the market, in the economic development and in the technological and scientific progress in the sectors in which it operates;

Pursuing a sustainable value in economic, financial and social fields, built on the trust of customers, on the motivation of the collaborators and on responsible and constructive relationships with the land;

Continuously improving the quality of products and services offered to customers, increasing the satisfaction of the latter through a fair and effective competition in the market, with full and complete compliance with current laws and regulations;

Sensitizing and engaging in a proactive role its Suppliers, in particular as regards compliance with laws and regulations in the provision of goods and services and as regards transparency and communication with customers/end-users;

Promoting personal and professional development of  employees and increasing  their sense of belonging and their efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness in order to increase the satisfaction and well-being company and staff.