Custom made products

The product list is never complete, there are always products that are not included in the catalogue but possible to produce, therefore we are offering our customers a custom-made solutions  for their needs. These solutions include:


custom made mixtures

For various applications from few Litersl to several tons, we have the knowledge to produce for you all kinds of solutions or mixtures according to your specifications: acids mixtures, solvent blends, specific titrated solutions, inorganic mixtures,...

if youn eed products according to your own specifications, tailor-made solutions, intermediates for organic synthesis or products that are already in the catalogue but in different concentrations please send us as detaild inquiry as possible and we will be glad to prepare you an offer


custom made packaging

custom made or catalog products, we pack your chemical products in the container of your choice.


Shuttle packaging

From 5l to 1000 l, we offer "reusable" packaging for optimizing quality and the packaging waste management.


Resolving the »dangerous« issues

In order to answer the needs of handling dangerous chemicals you can subcontract us for blending, packaging or other operations with products classified as flammable, dangerous or toxic.