About us

Gram-Mol d.o.o. is a manufacturer of laboratory reagents and chemicals. Our product portfolio covers chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and biological research and production applications.  Company was founded in 1995. Our manufacturing program today includes over 1200 different products. We are focused in the manufacture of volumetric solutions and standards, chemical reagents, buffers, mixtures and solutions of different concentrations,   inorganic salts and oxides, organic chemicals and solvents of different quality grades e.g. Pro Analysis,  Ph.Eur, USP/NF, puriss. and FCC.

Company is situated in the industrial area of Croatian capital city Zagreb. Our location enables us to be cost effective in the central European region.

 Our company's experts are always available to our customers with their advice and suggestions in order to resolve  questions arising from their daily work in the laboratory. Customer satisfaction with high quality products, competitive prices and short delivery time is our basic mission.

Gram-Mol maintains a high level of awareness about the importance of environmental protection and dedicates special attention to prevent pollution. By taking care about health and safety of our employees and environmental protection, we are fulfilling our commitment to the public community. Our company established quality management and environment management systems according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.